The days of currencies being backed by the weight of gold have long been gone. This does not mean that precious metals do not have a place, though. If you want to have a secure place to invest your money, coins and precious metals can be a great investment. Mints from all around the world produce gold and silver coins to collectors and investors. If you want to get started, here are some things that can help you make your initial purchases:

1. Investing In Proof Coin Sets To Find Rare Pieces

To start your coin collection, proof sets can be a great investment. These are the first coins that are struck to test dies. This also means that these coins are more likely to have small errors, which can make them rare and valuable. Many proof sets come with a certificate of authenticity and can be a great way to begin collecting.

2. Buying Silver Coin Sets To Start A Collection

Silver coins can be a great way to start investing in silver and gold. These coins cost a lot less than gold, but can also be very valuable. There are many different sets of silver coins available from different mints, and sometimes you can even get common circulated coins that are struck in silver.

3. Finding Affordable Gold Coins To Expand A Collection

While gold coins can be very expensive, some smaller coins may be more affordable to begin your investing. An ounce of gold can be very expensive, but there are also mints that sell coins in various weights that are often less than an ounce.  These coins will go up in value and be worth more, so you will be able to sell and trade them to expand your collection.

4. Adding Limited Edition Coins To A Collection

There are also many limited edition coins that you can add to your collection. These coins can feature different designs and themes. They are a great unique investment to add to a display case and can be very valuable because of their limited numbers. If you want to expand your collection, the limited edition sets can be a great, affordable investment.

These are some things that you may want to know before you begin investing in precious metals. If you want to get started with a few coins, silver coins are a great investment and a lot cheaper than gold. You can contact a silver coin dealer like Beaverton Coin & Currency to get started with your first coins struck in precious metals.